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In this short demo of the Better Off Calculator, we look at Sandra. Sandra had been recently furloughed by her employer and was concerned about being made redundant. She called her local Citizens Advice Bureau who were able to give her some really useful advice.

Using the Better Off Calculator to carry out a benefits assessment, volunteer advisors were able to help Sandra, without needing to consult with more experienced advisors. 

View the demo video to see how the advisors:

  • loaded Sandra’s case and saved it to the cloud, meaning she only had to answer questions once, no matter how many times she contacted them
  • could see all Sandra’s past situations and interactions with the bureau
  • showed Sandra a graphical interpretation of her case, a copy of which she also received via an emailed PDF
  • discussed an action plan, which was stored within the calculator
  • searched for jobs in Sandra’s local area using the link to the government job search
  • explored how different hours and pay would affect Sandra’s benefits eligibility
  • explained how Sandra’s benefits and employed income would interact over the next six to twelve months

The demo shows just how intuitive the Better Off Calculator is, allowing both the advisor and the client to help the client make decisions and move forward with her life.

View the demo

The Better Off Calculator makes it much quicker to do calculations and the tooltips make it easy to use, meaning we only need to train people once. The simplicity of the calculator means that clients can often self serve with little support.
Sue Mc Carron,Citizens Advice Wirral
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