Webinar: Understand how Universal Credit affects Council Tax Reduction Schemes

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Most Council Tax Support schemes are currently based on the default scheme which contains rule for evaluation of families in receipt of Universal Credit.

Yet, for many households, evaluation under Universal Credit will mean changes to their Council Tax support; this is because the assessment of income and needs is different under Universal Credit than it is under legacy benefits.

The roll out of Universal Credit full service will change both the amount of Council Tax Support households receive and how much this will cost the council.

To best support all households, councils must understand the full impact that moving on to Universal Credit full service will have in their area. This information enables council to consider scheme change to support the most vulnerable households.

In this webinar, we explain the detail of how Universal Credit affects the Council Tax Support that households receive, the impact on cost to the council, and offer some rules of thumb on typical winners or losers, and suggest who may need support.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • how to model the impact of Universal Credit in your CTR scheme
  • why changing your CTR scheme for Universal Credit roll out is important
  • how certain groups of households will be affected
  • the impact on council spending
  • what you can do to protect vulnerable groups

With guest speaker Jenny Hoare, Wolverhampton City Council.

Wednesday 21 February

At 10:30 to 11:30

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