Webinar: Proactively tackle homelessness

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Local authorities must meet new prevention duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act. Policy in Practice is helping councils identify the predictors of homelessness in their areas. Using existing data we segment households into those coping, struggling, at risk or in crisis to help prevent future homelessness.

Join us to hear how Policy in Practice’s LIFT dashboard can help you tackle homelessness by:

  • identifying who may be at risk of homelessness
  • offering tailored messages to help you engage with those households
  • tracking what happens to those households over time

We will be joined by a local authority guest speaker who will share how they are using the dashboard to help them meet the new requirements of the Homelessness Reduction Act.

The Homelessness Reduction Act shifts the focus to early intervention, extends the period during which an authority should consider someone as being threatened with homelessness, requires local authorities to develop an action plan for people identified as being at risk of homelessness and places a duty on public services to notify a local authority if they come into contact with someone they think may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

You will also hear how local authorities can explore their data over time to:

  • Support vulnerable households as Universal Credit rolls out
  • Spend their DHP money effectively
  • Tackle arrears effectively
  • Increase rates of employment

Wednesday 18 April

At 10:30 to 11:30

Can’t make the date? Register anyway to get the recording and slides

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