On Demand Webinar: Minimising the Impact of the Lower Benefit Cap

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A lower benefit cap began rolling out from 7 November. Policy in Practice has been helping local authorities across the country to determine who will be impacted. In this webinar we will share some of the recent work we’re doing with London Borough of Croydon to help them identify potential exemptions and prioritise both financial and employment support to affected households.

Listen back to hear:

  1. How we proactively identified which households will be affected by the lower benefit cap, and by how much
  2. How the most vulnerable households were segmented into 6 different groups, and what the characteristics of those groups are
  3. What different strategies the council is now executing for each of those groups to mitigate the impact of the lower benefit cap
  4. How our work builds on the DWP benefit cap scans and how it can help you identify potential exemptions

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