Learn the full impact of Welfare Reforms on households in your area

At Policy in Practice we can analyse the impacts of welfare reforms at a national level, local authority level and at the individual’s level.


Smart Analysis

We use your SHBE data and our software to create rich insights showing how individual households in your area are affected by cumulative and aggregate welfare reforms.

This allows you to:

  • inform tough decisions
  • allocate scarce support budgets
  • explain the real picture to Cabinet Members
  • plan now to mitigate against negative impacts on individual households

Powerful Software

Our Universal Benefit Calculator is fast, accurate and simple to use. It compares the current system and Universal Credit side-by-side. Advisors don’t have to be policy experts to explain the welfare system and what the changes will mean.

This allows you to:

  • simplify frontline conversations
  • explain complex changes using visuals and colour
  • support all advisors using information they can trust
  • help people make decisions that are right for them