About Policy in Practice

We believe the welfare system can work more effectively. Part of that is making welfare policy simple to understand so people can make decisions that are right for them.

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Customer testimonials

Our customers are innovative local authorities, housing associations and welfare to work providers who use our software and analysis services to help deliver welfare reform policy.

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Council Tax Reduction Scheme Modelling

We help councils model different options for council tax support schemes, based on their local priorities.

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Software flyer

Our software tools are accurate, fast and easy to use so that customers don’t have to be policy experts to understand the welfare system.

Read how our software focuses on the outcomes, not the process.

Software case study

Buckinghamshire CC wants to maximise the opportunity that welfare reform brings whilst mitigating against the risks.

Read how frontline advisors are key and how Policy in Practice’s software is the enabler, winning the O2 Local Government Digital Fund along the way.

Software case study

Serco gives all of its customers the opportunity to have a benefit calculation.

Read why they chose Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit and Budgeting calculator software to deliver this commitment.

Consultancy flyer

Do you know the impact of welfare reforms on each of your residents?

Read how we can show you which individual households are most affected by current and future welfare reforms, and by how much.

Consultancy case study

Policy in Practice helped Leeds City Council understand the impact of welfare reforms on low income households in the city.

We then helped create targeted welfare reform support for individual households using the council’s SHBE data and our own Universal Benefit Calculator.

Consultancy case study

Working with Newcastle City Council, ALMO Your Homes Newcastle understood the impact of welfare reforms on households in the city.

YHN then identified and targeted rental income at risk from welfare reforms using Policy in Practice.

Welfare Reform Roadmap to 2020

Do you know what welfare changes are planned this Parliament, and when they’ll hit?

Download our simple colour coded roadmap that shows the planned welfare policy changes from April 2016 to April 2020.

Details correct at 28 November 2016

How Local Authorities Can Respond to the Benefit Cap

This eBook compares the different ways we’ve helped two London Councils respond to the 2013 Benefit Cap and mitigate the effects of the 2016 Benefit Cap.