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The Universal Credit Calculator 

  • allows you to estimate your Universal Credit entitlement
  • is the first free, independent and publicly available calculator of its kind
  • is quick, accurate and easy to use, with a minimum number of screens
  • visually illustrates Universal Credit
  • is regularly updated with the latest welfare regulations
  • clearly demonstrates how much better off a person will be in work

If you are having trouble using the calculator, please search the FAQs (ctrl+f).  If you cannot find an answer to your question, please leave a comment on the FAQs and we will answer your question there.

The Premium Version of the Universal Credit Calculator:

The premium version is designed specifically for organisations and frontline staff who work with people on low incomes.  It offers a comprehensive side-by-side benefit check and better off in work calculation for both the current benefit system and Universal Credit.

Local authorities, housing associations, welfare and employment advisors have all benefited from using the premium version.

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Please note: 

  • The free version of the calculator provides and accurate estimate of entitlement, however all figures should be treated as indicative. The calculator is provided to help claimants plan for the forthcoming changes and accuracy is dependent upon the information entered. 
  • If you want to reference the calculator or the results it generates, please contact us.
  • If you have any queries over copyright, licensing or intellectual property, please also contact us.

The Universal Credit Calculator was last updated October 2013.