Our software is accurate, fast and easy to use so customers and advisors don’t have to be policy experts to understand the welfare system. We communicate information using clear, visual charts and focus on outcomes, not the process.

Universal Benefit and Budgeting calculator-

“The software is user friendly with lots of intuitive features. Any software is only as good as its implementation and the support we’ve had from Policy in Practice has been a massive benefit.”

Jemma Johnstone, Serco

“The Benefit and Budgeting Calculator is different. Its outcome-based approach has been very powerful and has really helped us to change behaviour of both our residents and advisors.”

Inga Spencer, London Borough of Hillingdon

“Our tenants are facing increased pressure on their budgets as a result of welfare reforms. The Benefit and Budgeting Calculator allows us to provide better income and budgeting support to our tenants.”

Linda Tookey, First Wessex

“As well as mitigating against the risks brought by the welfare reforms programme we also saw that there was a big chance to try and do something different, to promote opportunity.”

Danielle Henry, Buckinghamshire County Council

What our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator can do for you

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Compare eligibility now and via Universal Credit
built by one of the architects of Universal Credit

Always accurate, comprehensive and reliable
free updates and upgrades  

aimed at encouraging people into work

Finds job vacancies
with built-in Universal Job Match

Helps clients manage their spending
via the built in Budgeting Calculator

Includes self-service calculator for tenants
saves time at advisor meetings and promotes inclusion

Works offline
helpful for home visits in rural areas

Stores incomplete ‘better off in work’ calculations
for smarter case management

Integrates with your CMS
for single sign-on

Includes built in tips and live chat support for advisors
so they don’t have to be experts in the welfare system

Uses colour, visuals and simple language
for better communication

Can be customised
with own branding and choice of shown features

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Frontline advisors are key for Buckinghamshire County Council to maximise the opportunity whilst mitigating the risks that welfare reform brings. Our software helps.

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