Budgeting Calculator

The Budgeting Calculator takes into account both earnings and benefit income alongside expenditure. The tool provides individual advice on where savings might be made, and helps to plan immediate action.



Budgeting support generally has low take-up and existing tools are difficult to use. Policy in Practice worked with Oxford City Council to develop a fast and engaging approach to budgeting support.

  • Efficient and Effective: Move away from paper forms and share customer information (with consent) across your organisation.
  • Immediate action: Integration with Universal Jobmatch, utility switching services and housing exchange sites help the user take immediate action.
  • Non-judgemental: The software presents options on how to increase disposable income, and the user determines the best course of action.
  • Point of engagement: The software can be used to support a discretionary housing payment (DHP) or a new tenancy application to capture information when people are already engaging with you.


You can watch a video demonstration of the calculator below: