Helpful resources for Policy in Practice’s Universal Benefit Calculator

Using a Better Off In Work benefit calculator will enable you to set realistic job goals with people – the crucial first step on a journey in to work.

Our Universal Benefit Calculator is fast, accurate and easy to use.  Use it to calculate benefit entitlements for your customers and see how much better off in work they would be.

On this page you’ll find some handy help resources to refer to:

  1. User Guide
  2. Training cases
  3. Training videos

Universal Benefit Calculator User Guide

Download our comprehensive Universal Benefit Calculator user guide for a step-by-step explanation on how to use the software.

Training Cases

Check your working knowledge of our Universal Benefit Calculator with these four different customer scenarios.

Simply download the details of each person’s situation (Question), enter the details into the Universal Benefit Calculator to create a calculation, and then compare your results with ours (Answer).

1. Jane

Jane is a single mother who lives in the house she owns.

2. Paul

Paul and Carol live in private rented housing with their adult son.

3. Hannah

Hannah lives in social rented housing and receives ESA.

4. John

John and his wife live in social rented housing with their disabled daughter.

Training video library

Browse and view the short videos below to learn more about using the Universal Benefit Calculator.