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Customer testimonials

Our customers are innovative local authorities, housing associations and welfare to work providers who use our software and analysis services to help deliver welfare reform policy.

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Policy in Practice helped Your Homes Newcastle to identify rental income at risk from welfare reforms.

And, with a housing stock of 27,000 properties, we also identified the impact of welfare reforms on each household.


Serco gives all of its customers the opportunity to have a benefit calculation.

They chose Policy in Practice’s software to deliver this commitment, via all its chain of sub-contractors.

Leeds City Council is a Policy In Practice customer

Leeds City Council designed targeted welfare reform support for individual households, with our help.

We used their SHBE data and our software to understand the full effect of welfare reforms.


Buckinghamshire County Council sees opportunity with welfare reform as well as risks. Frontline advisors and Policy in Practice’s software are key.

Winner of the O2 Local Government Digital Fund 2015.