The Challenge

Frontline advisors all have different conversations with customers. Historically these have focused on financial support in a stable regime, but the benefit system is complex and undergoing rapid change. Partners need to support people towards financial independence. Outreach work is patchy with poor connectivity in some areas.

The Solution

Advisors need to change the conversation, explain a new regime and outline what actions individuals can take to benefit from opportunities in Bucks. Policy in Practice’s software helps them have a consistent conversation, focused on outcomes.

The Benefit

Winning the prestigious O2 LGDF meant a mobile, offline version could be developed for use by all residents, not just those with broadband access. Advisors are now starting to change the conversation, which will only increase as UC rolls out.

Download case study here

“For us, as well as mitigating against the risks brought by welfare reforms, there was a huge opportunity to try and do something different, to promote opportunity, and that is still our aim.”

Danielle Henry, Innovation Strategist, Buckinghamshire County Council